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Entre Deux Cafe

by Valerie V

I will share my enthusiasm after enjoying the CULT Yogurt  caramel sea salt . Taste is the word! I found it delicious. Say "yum" with every bite, it rarely happens to me when I eat yogurt, but then that was the case!

CULT Yogurt is a Quebec company that has the desire to make a quality product without any food and green additive. And what about the proposed flavors: vanilla chai, coffee cardamom, star anise and plum, apricot lavender, etc. I look forward to tasting the next potty!

I made the discovery by ordering this product from the market on the LUFA farms . Moreover, we find there a variety of Quebec products that can be added to fruit and vegetables control proposed by LUFA. Eating fresh and local products, I love it! I will talk about my experience in more detail in a future post.

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