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Next Sunday, May 31, at noon, the very friendly members "eggsperts of the team lunch" On Having lunch (it is they who say!) Invite you to their Dej Party at Café Larue & Fils on Jarry.

the event is organized in partnership with the website Music is My Sanctuary which will launch the cassette "Music 2dej2". Kind of music you can play at your next brunch with friends, but only if you kept your cassette player! DJ Walla P , Asma and Lexis will also be present to provide excellent musical entertainment throughout the day.

For the occasion, the kitchen free of Bob the Chef and Émilie Fournier will be there to serve you food. Pancakes with bacon and egg rolls Nutella are planned menu according to their Facebook page. The company Cult Yogurt will also be on site with a yogurt bar to fill you up. Not to mention the delicious Café de Larue & Son ! Ahh, it all gives way too hungry!

Let's go! We will face the stuff and listen to good music in good company! Plus, it's free! Dej Party on May 31 from 12:00 to 18:00 | Larue Café & Fils

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